The Pennsylvania Midwives Association (PMA) began in 1989 as a professional organisation for the homebirth midwives serving families in Pennsylvania. It took on the tasks of certifying non-nurse midwives, lobbying for legal recognition of non-nurse midwives, and encouraged general networking and collaboration between homebirth midwives.

In 2008, PMA changed its name to Midwives Alliance of Pennsylvania (MAP) and became a non-profit 501c3 organisation. MAP served as a professional organisation for all types of midwives practicing in all settings in PA, provided continuing education opportunities for practicing midwives, developed a training program for midwife assistants, and strived to educate consumers on midwifery and homebirth via its Know Your Local Midwife campaign.

For almost 3 decades, MAP has been a statewide resource for midwives, student birthworkers, and consumers alike. Unfortunately, due to lack of membership, volunteers, committed board members, meeting attendance, and consumer participation, Midwives Alliance of Pennsylvania has dissolved.

The remaining two board members will be donating all remaining funds in MAP’s account to various midwifery and birth related organisations, projects, and people continuing to do the good work of educating birthworkers, removing barriers for queer & IBPOC midwives & student midwives, and improving care during the childbearing years for birthing people and their families. Thank you for your support over the years.