New Bylaws to be Voted on at Spring Meeting

Here are the new Bylaws for Midwives Alliance of Pennsylvania. These are to be voted in at the Spring Membership Meeting on Sunday, April 27th (refer to previous post for information concerning the meeting).

These bylaws can be downloaded here.

Bylaws of Midwives Alliance of Pennsylvania


Section 1.01:     Title: This group is named the Midwives Alliance of Pennsylvania (MAP).

Section 1.02:     Use of the Title: This name shall be used to identify the group for all official business and may be used by members and elected officers to represent the group when representation is consistent with the ideals and purposes expressed and supported by MAP.


Section 2.01:      The Midwives Alliance of Pennsylvania is a professional trade organization representing the diverse and various midwives across the state of Pennsylvania.

Section 2.02:     MAP affirms the unique fabric and diversity of midwifery in Pennsylvania and seeks to promote and preserve the art and craft of midwifery while serving as an educational and self-governing organization for participating midwives.

Section 2.03:     The Midwives Alliance of Pennsylvania exists to:

  • Create and develop an organization that can unite all midwives in Pennsylvania.
  • Facilitate communication among all midwives in Pennsylvania.
  • Provide continuing education opportunities and a forum for peer review for all member midwives.
  • Educate the public regarding midwifery and childbirth.
  • Further the alliance between midwives and other health care professionals.
  • Maintain affiliation with local and national organizations who share our interests, as well as midwifery organizations from other states.
  • Support the intrinsic right of parents to choose the location and attendants for the births of their children.
  • Promote midwifery care as a quality health care option.
  • Affirm that midwifery care is a vital part of addressing disparities in health care for marginalized and underserved populations.
  • Provide a safe, supportive, and constructive environment for peer review.
  • Promote research in the field of midwifery care.


Section 3.01:     Types of Membership: There are three categories of membership: Voting, Non-voting, and Special Circumstance.

Section 3.02:     Voting Members:

  • Midwife Members are actively practicing midwives who serve the state of Pennsylvania in their practice and who are current with their membership dues.
  • Student Members are active students and apprentices of midwifery who serve the state of Pennsylvania and who are current with their membership dues.

Section 3.03:     Non-Voting Members:

  • Supporting Members are other members who share an active interest in the goals of MAP, who are not actively practicing midwives or student midwives, and who are current with their membership dues. Supporting members are encouraged to voice their opinions verbally at meetings and through the written word. Supporting members shall not serve in elected office. Supporting members may participate on committees.
  • Members who are not current in their membership dues and who have not made arrangements to have them waived shall have their voting privileges suspended until their dues are brought current. If a period of one year passes and a member’s dues have not been brought current, it shall be assumed that the member has resigned from membership in the group.

Section 3.04:     Special Circumstances: A non-voting member may petition to the Governing Council for voting privileges. Such privileges may be granted by a 2/3 majority vote of the Council and the privilege shall be granted for as long as that person maintains their membership and dues. Any member of MAP can petition for revocation of a non-voting member’s voting privilege at any time and the vote will carry by a simple majority of the Governing Council.

Section 3.05:     Member Rights: Each member shall have the right to:

  • Approve appointments to the Governing Council.
  • Notice of and participation in MAP annual and special meetings, events, and organized activities.
  • Propose amendments to the Bylaws of the organization.
  • Membership and participation in online discussion forums.
  • A full thirty (30) days to cast one vote on all matters submitted to or requiring a vote of all members as set forth by these bylaws (See Article XI) or at the request of the Governing Council.

Section 3.06:     Termination of Membership: Membership may be terminated by:

  • Resignation, to be submitted by the resigning member to the Administrative Coordinator.
  • Non-payment of dues for one year by a voting member.
  • Non-payment of dues upon annual renewal by a non-voting member.

Section 3.07:     Membership Dues: Membership dues are to be paid on an annual basis in order to retain voting privileges. Membership year and dues deadlines, shall run parallel to the organization’s fiscal year. Fees shall remain reasonable and shall be amounts set by the Administrative Coordinator and approved by the Governing Council.

Membership Fees:

  • Dues for all practicing midwives are $50 annually.
  • Dues for students and apprentices are $35 annually.
  • Dues for supporting members who are neither midwives nor midwifery students are $30 annually.
  • Special Circumstances: Any person wishing to join MAP, who claims financial hardship, may appeal Co-Chairs and/or the Administrative Coordinator for a reduced membership fee. Reduced fee may be granted by consensus of both Co-Chairs and the Administrative Coordinator and shall be reconsidered annually.

Section 3.08:     Membership Year: MAP’s membership year shall run parallel to its fiscal year. A member who joins MAP less than six (6) months before the new fiscal year shall have their membership extended until the next new fiscal year.


Section 4.01:     Fiscal Year: The fiscal year shall commence May 1.

Section 4.02:     Financial Accounts: MAP shall maintain an organizational bank account into which all MAP funds shall be maintained. The organization may also open Paypal or similar online fiscal exchange accounts to be used for MAP purposes.

Section 4.03:     Access to Account: The Co-chairs and Administrative Coordinator shall have access to funds by means of debit card and signatory privilege on the bank account of the Midwives Alliance of Pennsylvania.

Section 4.04:     Surrender of Privilege: At the time an elected member leaves their position as Co-chair or Administrative Coordinator, either by regular election or by resignation, they must surrender their debit card and any funds they hold in MAP’s name to another cardholder whose membership in MAP is current.

Section 4.05:     Responsibility: The Administrative Coordinator is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of any financial accounts kept by MAP.

Section 4.06:     Access to funds: Any voting member of MAP may bring a proposal to the Governing Council for access to funds held by MAP. Any such proposal shall detail the amount of funds requested, the purpose for which funds will be used (and if applicable, by whom), when the funds are needed by, and how any remaining funds will be used. The voting body handling the proposal should act in a timely manner.

  1. Requests for funds up to $50 may be immediately approved or denied by one member of the Governing Council and dispersed upon approval.
  2. Requests for funds between $50 and $200 may be approved by simple majority vote of the Governing Council. Upon the motion of any member of the Governing Council, such a vote shall be taken to the voting membership of MAP and will require a simple majority vote to be accepted.
  3. Requests for funds over $200 may be approved only by a 2/3 majority of the Governing Council. Upon the motion of any member of the governing council, such a vote shall be taken to the voting membership of MAP and will require a simple majority vote to be accepted.
  4. Voting method: Should any proposal for funds be called to a vote of the members of MAP as described in points 2 and 3 above, the vote shall be announced to the members of MAP.
  5. Signatures: As long as the above criteria are met, checks in the name of the Midwives Alliance of Pennsylvania need only to be signed by one authorized signatory. Authorized signatories are accountable for all of their actions and signatures regarding dispersion of MAP funds.

Section 4.07:     Accountability: It is the responsibility of the Administrative Coordinator to maintain accurate spending records for MAP. Such records shall be available on hard copy and updated monthly. Such records shall also be available electronically and be updated within reasonable time frames of spending. Records shall be available upon the request of any member of MAP.

Section 4.08:     Annual Financial Reports: The Co-Chairs and Administrative Coordinator shall prepare an annual report by June 15th. The annual financial report shall first be presented for adoption by the Governing Council. Once adopted, the report will be made public to all members of the organization.


Section 5.01:     Composition: MAP shall be led by Governing Council of no less than four (4) elected officers. The Council is comprises of two (2) Co-Chairs, one (1) Administrative Coordinator, and one (1) Communications Coordinator. In the event that there are more nominees than elected roles, additional At Large Council members may be added to the Governing Council (See Section 5.04).

Section 5.02:     Responsibilities: The Governing Council shall have the right and responsibility to conduct, manage, and direct the business and affairs of the organization.

Section 5.03:     Qualification: Each member of the Council shall be a natural person (an individual, not a corporation or other entity) of full age who is a voting member in good standing of the organization. Council positions will be solicited from the membership in July of each election year or within thirty (30) days of a Council seat vacancy.

Section 5.04:     Selection: Self nominations and nomination of members in good standing will take place before a meeting in which voting will occur. All nominees must accept their nomination and agree to run for office. In the event that there are several nominations for one position, specific roles will be decided among the group of nominees. If there are more nominees than positions, additional At-Large Members of the Governing Council may be added. A slate of Council members will be presented to and approved by the voting members of MAP.

Section 5.05:     Number and Term of Office: Members of the Governing Council shall hold office for a term of two years commencing during the date of the Annual Meeting on their second year of service and shall serve until a successor has been elected and qualified, or until their inability to serve. There is no limit to the number of terms that Council members may be elected and serve.

Section 5.06:     Communication: Council members are expected to participate in online discussion and planning efforts, as well as conference calls. Council members are expected to check their e-mail regularly to facilitate communication and decision making amongst members.

Section 5.07:     Resignations: Any member of the Governing Council may resign at any time by giving written notice to one of the Co-Chairs. The volitional resignation shall take effect at the date of receipt of the notice, or at any later time specified therein; resignation shall be assumed upon non-attendance at advertised MAP events/meetings and upon a cessation of communication with members of the Governing Council. The acceptance of a volitional resignation shall not be necessary to make it effective; acceptance of an absence-based resignation shall be effective upon the joint statement of ¾ of the Governing Council.

Section 5.08:     Removal: Elected officers may be removed from office by a 2/3 majority vote of MAP or by a consensus of the other members of the Governing Council.

Section 5.09:     Vacancy: Vacancies in elected offices shall be filled for the unexpired term by an appointment by the Governing Council. The Governing Council should attempt to fill vacant offices within thirty (30) days. In the event that the office is not filled, responsibilities of the vacant office shall be delegated to other members of MAP, the Governing Council, or willing consumers by the Co-chairs. Consumers may serve as officers and voting members in the interim until a new officer is elected.

Section 5.10:     Elections: Elections are held at the annual MAP meeting.

Section 5.11:     Special Election Circumstance: In order to stagger elections of the Governing Council members, offices are divided into two election groups. Officers in Group 1 are elected for a one (1) year term and officers in Group 2 are elected for a two (2) year term at the Annual Meeting in 2014. At the annual meeting in 2015 the officers in Group 1 will be elected to a two (2) year term. From then forward, each group of officers will hold two (2) year terms with either group having an election annually.

Election Group 1 is comprised of the following offices:

  1. 1 Co-Chair
  2. Administrative Coordinator

Election Group 2 is comprised of the following offices:

  1. 1 Co-Chair
  2. Communications Coordinator

Section 5.11:     Votes required: All elections are voted on by simple majority of voting members. Votes will be taken as specified in Section XI.


Section 6.01:     Qualification and Titles: The Council shall be comprises of two (2) Co-Chairs, one (1) Administrative Coordinator, and one (1) Communications Coordinator. Additional At-Large positions may be added to the Governing Council as needed. No person may hold more than one elected office.

Section 6.02:     Quorum: A majority of the Governing Council (at least 3 members) in office shall be present in order to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. Each officer shall be entitled to one vote.

Section 6.03:     Co-Chairs: Two (2) Co-Chairs shall have general supervision of affairs and provide leadership in the Alliance. Duties and authorizations of the Co-Chairs include:

  1. Development of meeting agendas.
  2. Signatory authority in financial matters of MAP.
  3. Ex-officio membership of all MAP sub-committees.
  4. Chair meetings of MAP.
  5. Act as liaison for MAP and other groups interdependent upon the common purpose and intentions of MAP.
  6. Coordination of fundraising activities and efforts and reporting possible opportunities for fundraising efforts to the Governing Council.

Section 6.04:     Administrative Coordinator: The Administrative Coordinator acts as Secretary and Treasurer of MAP. Duties and authorizations of the Administrative Coordinator include:

  1. Agenda development in cooperation with the Co-Chairs.
  2. Minute taking during meetings of MAP and meetings of the Governing Council and appropriate distribution of the Minutes within one week of the meeting in which they were taken.
  3. Maintenance of a membership database.
  4. Moderation of MAP’s online forums and upkeep of MAP websites in coordination with the Webmaster and the Communications Coordinator.
  5. Organization and storage of all paperwork pertinent to MAP: the MAP binder.

Section 6.05:     Communications Coordinator: The Communications Coordinator works to ensure effective and efficient communication among MAP members and the larger community. Duties and authorizations of the Communications Coordinator include:

  1. Agenda development in cooperation with the Co-Chairs.
  2. Moderation of MAP’s online forums and upkeep of MAP websites in coordination with the Webmaster and the Administrative Coordinator.
  3. Creation and distribution of documents for MAP members that reflect group updates (ie. website updates, e-mails, Social Media posts, etc.).
  4. Through the use of Social Media (and other forms of communication), facilitating public and community awareness of MAP’s goals and awareness around issues of concern to MAP.
  5. Organization, administration, and regular communication with Regional Representatives.
  6. Facilitate online discussion forums in order to ensure ongoing communication by members between annual and regular meetings, to discuss business pertinent to upcoming meetings.

Section 6.06:     At-Large Member: This is an additional position(s) that may be added to the Governing Council as needed. Duties and authorizations of At-Large Council Members include:

  1. Agenda development in cooperation with the Co-Chairs.
  2. Participation in the membership recruitment and the annual membership renewal efforts.
  3. Assist with fundraising, educational, and outreach opportunities.
  4. Participation in committees on an as-needed basis.
  5. Participation in other activities and endeavors as agreed upon by all members of the Governing Council.

Section 6.07:     No Salaries: No Governing Council members shall receive any salary or other compensation for services rendered to the organization.

Section 6.08:     In the event that there are less than 2 Governing Council positions occupied by elected members, a simple vote of involved Governing Council and/or Special Interest Representatives will empower volunteers to conduct the business of the Alliance until new Governing Council members are invested in their positions.


Section 7.01:     Qualification and Titles: Special Interested Representatives are non-elected, volunteer leaders. This includes two categories: Regional Representatives and Consumer Representatives. If capable, individuals are permitted to hold more than one title in this category, or concurrently fill an elected office. Special Interest Representatives must be members in good standing in the organization.

Section 7.02:     Regional Representatives: MAP recognizes six (6) regions of the Commonwealth that are loosely identified as Northeast, Southeast, North Central, South Central, Northwest, and Southwest. Each region shall be represented by one (1) or more volunteers who are responsible for initiating and maintaining contact with all practicing midwives in their region. Duties and authorizations of the Regional Representatives include:

  1. Organizing regular regional and/or local meetings for MAP members and others interested in MAP’s efforts.
  2. In conjunction with the Communications Coordinator, when a vote of general membership is called for, facilitate voting by means appropriate to the membership in their region.
  3. Acting as the voice of the membership in their region.
  4. Networking in order to survey and report on the unique needs of their region to the Governing Council.
  5. Participating in conference calls and meetings as called by the Governing Council.
  6. Organizing local peer reviews.

Section 7.03:     Consumer Representative: In order to better serve the community of midwifery consumers, MAP recognizes the need for a consumer voice in the group’s decision making. Responsibilities of the consumer member include:

  1. Activating consumer support for MAP events and fundraisers.
  2. Acting as a liaison between MAP and consumers of midwifery in Pennsylvania.
  3. Coordinating activities specific to this sub-group of members.
  4. Participating in conference calls and meetings as called by the Governing Council.

Section 7.04:     Aspiring Midwife Representative: MAP seeks to support and assist with the growth, skill, and career development of student and apprentice midwives. Duties and authorizations of the Aspiring Midwife Representative include:

  1. Assisting with the membership drive among student and apprentice midwives.
  2. Serving as a liaison between the member midwives of MAP and aspiring midwives.
  3. Coordinating activities and educational opportunities specific to this sub-group of members.
  4. Networking in order to survey and report on the unique needs of their colleagues to the Governing Council.
  5. Participating in conference calls and meetings as called by the Governing Council.


Section 8.01:     Formation: The Governing Council may, at their discretion, create floating/non-permanent committees within MAP for specific purposes.


Section 9.01:     Annual Meetings: MAP’s annual meeting shall be held each fall between September and Thanksgiving. When necessary, this schedule may be changed by the meeting organizers but notice must be given to the membership of such changes.

Section 9.02:     Other Meetings: When appropriate, members of the Governing Council may call general or regional meetings of MAP. A good faith effort should be made to include as many members of MAP as possible in such meetings, by notifying the group of the meeting as far in advance as possible. Minutes from such meetings should be submitted to the Administrative Coordinator.

Section 9.03:     Notice: Whenever possible, notice of an upcoming meeting should be given at least one week prior to the scheduled date. Sufficient notice of a meeting shall include:

  • Submission of a written agenda for review by the members of MAP, and
  • Submission of written notice via the MAP email group or successor online communication tool.


Section 10.01:     Organization: The Co-Chairs shall preside over the meetings and maintain order regardless of structure and formality. In the case of a vacancy or absence of Co-Chairs, the Administrative Coordinator shall preside.

Section 10.02:     Structure: Chair of the meeting shall decide how each meeting will be run and shall announce to the group at the commencement of the meeting what the structure will be.


Section 11.01:     Voting: As a functioning and dynamic organization, the voices of members are important. To meet the needs of our diverse population, MAP has several methods of voting.

  • In person voting: This is conducted during an official MAP meeting by voting members present.
  • Paper ballots: This is one method of voting used during membership-wide votes (see Section 11.02) for members that prefer this method of communication.
  • Online voting: This is one method of voting used to conduct membership-wide votes (see Section 11.02) for members that prefer this method of communication.

Section 11.02:     Membership-wide vote: In the case of membership wide voting, all members will be provided an opportunity to submit their vote via preferred method of voting (See Section 11.04).

Section 11.03:     Majority: Except for where specified in these bylaws, votes are by simple majority of voting members present at an official MAP meeting or function.

Section 11.04:     Voting Preference: Members will be asked to identify their preferred method of voting (paper ballots or electronic submission) on MAP membership forms in order to ensure that all voting members are provided with the opportunity to submit their vote.

Section 11.05:     Vote collection: Paper ballots will be distributed to Regional Representatives by members of the Governing Council. Regional Representatives shall be responsible for distribution and collection of these ballots. Submissions are returned directly to the Governing Council for tallying. This ensures confidentiality in voting. Internet submission shall be made through a secure online voting mechanism and collected by a member of the Governing Council. Members will be notified and provided with at least thirty (30) days to submit a vote.


Section 12.01:     These bylaws may be amended by a quorum at any meeting where adequate notice of proposed changes is available in advance to all voting members of MAP.