MAP Assistant & Student Training (MAST) Program

MAP Assistant & Student Training (MAST) Program




To screen and prepare midwifery assistants/students who are seeking entry-level positions with midwives. This program is designed to give the assistant/student basic skills and knowledge and an orientation into Pennsylvania Midwifery. The MAST program is also designed to create a pool of skilled and prepared assistants/students with whom MAP midwives might choose to work. MAP in no way guarantees that assistants/students in the MAST program will find positions after completing the program. This is an orientation program that prepares the assistant/student to begin midwifery learning and to gain skills and experiences that will help to make the assistant/student valuable to practicing midwives.


Enrollment Process:

  • Submit Online Application – $100 for new MAP members; $65 for current MAP members;MAP membership must be kept current while enrolled in the program.
  • Interview with Aspiring Midwife/Student Midwife Representative – Discuss applicant’s overall knowledge of homebirth and Pennsylvania midwifery and set up contact schedule.
  • Meet with Regional Representative – Discuss local midwifery and birth community and set up contact schedule.


Program Outline:

This program has been designed to be self-paced and self-directed. Both Level One and Level Two can be completed concurrently if it makes sense and is convenient for the student. Specific materials and details are available upon request or after enrollment.

Level One:

  • Reading and Book Reports
  • Online Trainings
  • Certification in CPR or BLS
  • Certification in NRP or HBB

Level Two:

  • Skills Sessions with local midwife/skills trainer (or MAP Midwifery Skills Day during the Annual Membership Meeting) using Skills Sign-off Sheet
  • Attendance at 3 Peer Reviews or (in situations where this is not possible) Review of 9 Case Studies with student’s Regional Representative.


Financial Considerations:

It has been a goal during the creation of this program to keep costs down to a minimum and to utilise free materials and low-cost materials. The Student Representative and Regional Representative are both volunteers, giving their time freely to help students integrate into the birthing community in Pennsylvania and help students complete MAST. A guesstimate of approximately $1000 will be spent upon completion of the program.

  • Application Fee: $100 for new MAP members; $65 for current MAP members; MAP membership must be kept current while enrolled in the program.
  • Books: Most of the books on our list are ones easily borrowed from the library or other birthworkers & students or can be purchased used at reasonable prices. Approximately, $150 for books if most are purchased used.
  • Online Trainings: All of the current online resources and trainings are free.
  • Certifications: Costs for these vary based on who or where certification is obtained from. Approximately, $275 for 2 certifications. These certifications need to be kept current while enrolled in the program.
  • Skills Sessions: Costs for these vary based on who the trainer is and how long the sessions last (sessions cover multiple skills in a bundle); it is up to each student to make arrangements for compensation with the trainer of their choice. Some skills trainers may have special discounts or partial/full scholarships for low-income students and students of color — make sure to ask if this applies to you. Most Skills Sessions should cost $50-100 per day, last 1 to 3 days, and cover 5 to 30 skills.
  • Meetings: Attendance at most meetings should be free, especially if they are peer reviews following NARM guidelines.



Completion of the MAST program:

  • is voluntary and self-directed.
  • does not guarantee employment, but does increase employability.
  • does not certify that the student is a midwife assistant, but better prepares the student to establish an entry-level midwife assistant position.
  • is not a substitute for completing a full scope midwifery education program.
  • does not qualify the student to work as an independent midwife.


Certificate of Completion:

Students who complete the MAST program will be awarded a Certificate of Completion which serves as a testament to the students’ dedication to midwifery study. Certificates of Completion will be awarded during MAP’s Annual Meeting. This Certification of Completion does NOT certify the student to practice midwifery in the state of Pennsylvania or any other state.


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