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Childbirth Warrior – A Poem About Homebirth

Childbirth Warrior!
Hear me roar!
I just gave birth on my bedroom floor.

I feel empowered
Yet serenely calm
With a bundle of loveliness wrapped up in my arms.

“Don’t do it!” they cried,
“Don’t give birth alone.”
But I wasn’t by myself, I was simply at home.

An ordinary homebirth
For an extraordinary arrival;
Following primal instincts, for our species survival.

All my creature comforts
And my family with me
And whenever I wanted, a decent cup of tea.

They bring a kit round
Like the hospitals have;
A bowl for your placenta, and all of that jazz.

A prescription of drugs
And a cannister of air
And all that you need for a home resuscitaire.

My Midwife was a wonder
And competently versed
In encouraging self-belief, in my skills of giving birth.

Two of my babies
Debuted safely in my room;
The perfect way to begin, a glorious babymoon!

Childbirth Warrior – A Poem About Homebirth is Copyright © Amy – I Want A Poem