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Please completely fill out the following membership application to become a member. You will be directed to pay your dues after you click the submit button. If you have questions, please contact us via email midwivesallianceofpa @

Membership Form

    Please check as many as apply.
  • Membership Information

  • An invoice for your membership dues will be generated from the information you provide in this section.
  • This can include a specific region, key cities, towns and/or countries.
    This is used to determine which Region you are organized with. We are not strict about Regions. Please choose the area that you feel most comfortable with.
    You may choose more than one
  • Administrative Information and Preferences

    There are times when a membership wide vote must be taken (votes on Govering Council officers, approval of Practice Guidelines, and support of legislation). Please choose which method of voting you'd prefer to utilize. This can be changed in the future by contacting a member of the Governing Council.
    We'd like to keep all members up to date with events, legislative updates, and other items of interest.
    Regional Represenatives are volunteer leaders that take responsibility for organizing the members in their geographic Region.
  • This is a member-only, closed Facebook group. If you qualify and are interested in joining, please provide the email address that you sign onto Facebook with so an invitation can be generated for you.

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