Jennifer Kelly, North Central Regional Representative


My name is Jennifer Kelly. I am the North Central Regional Representative for MAP. I am a CPM serving this region of Pennsylvania. My journey into midwifery began with the birth of my first child in 2001. Long story short, I wanted a homebirth and after realizing there were no midwives that served this area I thought to myself “how many other women want homebirths but can’t because of the lack of a provider?” My next thought was, “if I don’t do this, no one will” and so began my journey into midwifery. I started with the intentions of taking the Certified Nurse Midwife pathway and received my RN-BSN degree in 2006/2007. After lots of soul searching, I ultimately decided Nurse Midwifery wasn’t for me and began the process of completing the NARM PEP. Over the next 4 years, I learned the art of midwifery from a wonderful woman named Michelle Stewart while simultaneously working part time as an OB nurse. In 2013, after all the hard work, dedication and long drives I received the CPM credential. I currently own a very small practice in an area with a low volume of homebirths, but none the less I want to continue to provide services to the families of this area no matter how small the home birthing population is.

I am married with 3 children ages 13, 7 & 1, our last baby finally being born at home in 2013 into her daddy’s arms! We started home schooling this year, which has been a blessing and a challenge all in one. I grew up in an off the grid lifestyle which has carried itself over into my adult life. Even though we live in the confines of a borough, we have still managed to create a tiny homestead in our back yard complete with rain barrels, chickens, a greenhouse, bees and a beautiful vegetable garden. We’re always looking for new ways to be more self-sufficient and less wasteful. Over the years I have learned to preserve foods and make our own medicines from herbs.  More recently, we have gathered a group of locals who wanted to learn new ways to live healthier, natural lifestyles and to foster a community to support one another in this adventure and thus the Community Supportive Network was born. We meet twice a month, sharing ideas and teaching each other new skills, learning everything from how to make soap to tincturing herbs and so much more. More importantly, we come together when a family is in need and do what we can to help them out.

I am blessed and so grateful to be living this life and to be given the opportunity to help families bring their babies into the world in a respectful and gentle way.

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