Brittany Ortiz – Southeast Regional Representative


I am a mother, independent childbirth doula with Sacred Circle Birth Services, apprentice midwife with Rising Moon Midwifery of South Eastern PA preceptored by Kate Aseron, NYC Dept. of Health trained Breastfeeding Educator, Lamaze certified Childbirth educator, and birth photographer with nearly 100 births worth of experience. I have attended births in virtually every birth setting though the vast majority of my professional experience is with out of hospital (OOH) birth settings.

Trained under DONA International, I began my doula journey as a Community Birth Doula serving low-income women in Hudson County. I was one of 15 women awarded a state wide fellowship from the NJ Department of Health & Senior Services for community perinatal health counseling on healthy birth, and breastfeeding outcome direct client services to low income expectant mothers. I have served families in need through counseling, communication and prenatal education, as well as designed home visitation sessions for low income pregnant women focusing on health literacy, stress reduction tools and responsive parenting skills. While working with HPC I served clients from a wide variety of at-risk populations including expectant teens, domestic abuse survivors, LGBTQ families, undocumented immigrants, refugees and more.

In 2013, I had the unique opportunity to travel with my family to the Philippines where I lived and worked as an apprentice midwife at Shiphrah Birthing Home, part of HELP International Ministries. In
total, I attended 59 births, 23 of which I attended as primary midwife under supervision of the Philipina midwives in residence at the birthing home. I learned a wide range of crucial midwifery skills including palpation, resolving shoulder dystocia, bi-manual compression, suturing, oscillation, detecting FHT with a handheld doppler, newborn evaluation, post-partum evaluation, prenatal screening, and much more. Serving at-risk impoverished families of the TayTay, Rizal region of the Philippines, I provided counseling of best birth practices, responsive parenting skills, and optimal nutrition for pregnancy and breastfeeding. During my stay, I was able to immerse myself in Philippino culture, learning about the birthing practices, traditions, cultural needs, and childbearing approaches unique to that culture. My experience was one of mutual respect, compassion, and collaboration between myself, the midwives I apprenticed with, and the women for whom I had the great opportunity to care.

In November, I travelled to the Peruvian Andes where I was one of 6 women who participated in a Sacred Medicine Woman retreat. During our time we learned spiritual healing techniques including hypnotherapy, healing with gemstones, herbal and plant aural energy and medicinal usage, meditation, reiki and more. We focused deeply on concepts of the divine feminine and how to help the clients we serve to tap into ones own sacred energy source. Many of the skills I learned during this retreat have direct application to my holistic birth practices.

In addition to my midwifery studies and birth doula background, I have taken a wide range of workshops with many of the nation’s top educators. Workshops I have attended include DONA birth doula training, Stillbirthday Bereavement Doula training, Hearthside Bereavement’s ‘Ten Essential Wisdoms of Pregnancy Loss’ a Bereavement Workshop for Birthworkers’, Lamaze Childbirth Educator training, NYC
Dept. of Health Breastfeeding Educator training, NYC Dept. of Health Breastfeeding Educator training-of-the-trainers series, VBAC Facts: The Truth About VBAC seminar, Hypnobabies Doula training, rebozo
training, spinning babies, neonatal resuscitation protocol (NRP), and many more.

Birthwork is more than my career, it is my absolute passion and calling. Having birthed in my home on a warm rainy morning in the autumn of 2013 with a Pennsylvania certified professional midwife (CPM), the home birth community is not just the community I serve, it’s the community I am apart of as a mother. I am deeply committed to serving Pennsylvania families in a safe, compassionate, and skillful manner and I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given to pursue my calling right here in my home state of PA.

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