Know Your Local Midwife

Welcome to MAP’s ‘Know Your Local Midwife’ Family Education Campaign web page!

Pennsylvania is home to a wide variety of midwives. Some midwives may be licensed as nurses or nationally certified as direct entry midwives: some midwives are neither licensed nor certified as they entered midwifery through a traditional apprenticeship. There are safe, reputable providers of all varieties. However, as there are no specific midwifery regulations in Pennsylvania, anyone can hang out a shingle and call themselves a midwife.

This project was envisioned in the fall of 2014 to partner with PA families as you work to select a reputable midwife that meets your needs and desires for your upcoming birth. Just as you are responsible for selecting the right doctor for your baby and for selecting your place of birth, it is the responsibility of each family to choose a midwife after careful consideration including interviewing and reference check.

The Leadership Council of MAP offers the following series of questions to assist families to identify reputable midwives in your local community. These questions were developed by the midwives and apprentices of the Midwives Alliance of Pennsylvania because we desire for PA families to be empowered to choose safe midwifery care. A substantial part of safety for home birthing families is to identify reputable, well-trained midwives in your community. These questions have been designed to help PA families dig deep in their interviews with potential midwives: they can help reveal midwives who practice safely and those who offer services, but do not meet national, state and/or community standards for safety. This list of questions is not meant to replace general midwifery interview question lists that are available from a variety of resources.

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