About Us


The Midwives Alliance of Pennsylvania (MAP) is a professional trade organization representing midwives statewide. MAP membership includes midwives, students, apprentices, midwifery consumers, and a supporting membership of other health care professionals.

MAP affirms the unique fabric and diversity of midwifery in Pennsylvania and seeks to promote and preserve the art and craft of midwifery while serving as a self-governing and self-regulating sisterhood for participating midwives.

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The Midwives Alliance of Pennsylvania exists to:

  • Create and develop an organization that can unite all midwives in Pennsylvania.
  • Facilitate communication among all midwives in Pennsylvania.
  • Provide continuing education opportunities and a forum for peer review for all member midwives.
  • Educate the public regarding midwifery and childbirth.
  • Further the alliance between midwives and other health care professionals.
  • Maintain affiliation with local and national organizations who share our interests, as well as midwifery organizations from other states.
  • Support the intrinsic right of parents to choose the location and attendants for the births of their children.
  • Promote Midwifery care as a quality health care option for women and their families.
  • Provide a safe, supportive, and constructive environment for peer review.
  • Promote research in the field of midwifery care.

MAP Supports

  • The recognition of midwives as primary care givers and experts in normal childbirth.
  • The right of women to have access to midwives at home, in freestanding birth centers, and in hospitals.
  • A variety of educational routes to midwifery practice, including apprenticeship, independent study, and formal coursework, and acceptance of midwives from diverse educational backgrounds.
  • A relationship between midwives and their clients that is collaborative in nature.